Thursday, 22 April 2010

First week back in the jungle

I am newly single and it's a scary thought. I was with the fella four years on and off before I discovered the live in partner he had failed to mention. After weeks of crying, drinking myself numb, rotting away in a darkened bedroom full of self pity and listening to the usual adages..... plenty more fish in the sea blah blah I have decided that its time to venture out into the world as a singleton once more and hopefully in time I will learn to love it again.

I know that it will take a lot of adjusting and I'm certain there will be plenty of ups and downs along the way but thanks to my wonderful friends and family I know that I will find out the kind of person that I am not just the kind of girlfriend. If nothing else it will be a bit of an adventure along the way.

ps. First night out since all that this weekend, have a feeling it might be blog material!

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  1. Hello - thanks for following my blog.

    I've just been reading your blog and apart from writing about my dating life I also write for women's weekly magazines like Take a Break and Chat. I just saw what you wrote about your ex - how he had a live in girlfriend and you didnt know about it. Bloody men!! Anyway I just wondered if you would be interested in talking about it for an article in a magazine - they are very big on love rat stories like this and it would be a chance to name and shame him - plus you would get paid for telling your story.

    If you're interested or would just like more information you can email me on