Saturday, 24 April 2010

Too much too soon

Groped by an elderly Arab man, oggled by strange men on the bus and an old friend declaring his deep feelings for me. Just an ordinary single girls weekend.

My first evening back 'out there' didn't exactly go smoothly on my first night out I went to meet some friends for a night out and a few gin and tonics down the evening was going well that was until I looked to my left and saw a harmless looking older man in a flat cap giving us the eye. Why is it never ever a hunk?! After many attempts at buying us drinks calling us remarkable and invading our personal space he was eventually removed from the pub by the landlady after getting angry making a grab for me and spitting at a friend. The weekend wasn't off to a great start.

Woke up on Saturday and what a lovely day it was! The sun was out which provoked the majority of Britain to strip of and find a beer garden, myself included. First of all though I thought I would visit some friends and find myself a drinking partner. Now at the moment I'm still depending on public transport while I learn to drive but my driving issues are a different story for a different day, so off for the bus I go and whilst flicking through my ipod I noticed three suspicious looking gentlemen stood over me nudging each other and giving me the O so seductive dirty leering old man glances. Surely this uncomfortable behavior is a form of harassment, or is it just me?

Shaking of the unsettling characters from the bus I called off for a cup of tea and a biscuit at a friends house before persuading her to come for a couple in the local, only had to ask once and off we ventured to the pub and walked straight into a birthday party for the girlfriend of one of my ex boyfriends. As if life wasn't difficult/uncomfortable enough at the moment!!!!!!

We were stuck. we could either walk out and look like we had the problem or stay and front it out at the do for a woman who saw me as the devil incarnated. Front it we did and i confidently strode up to the bar and there stood a friend of said ex boyfriend who had always had a little something for me and if I'm honest wasn't too gruesome to look at, who kindly bought us our drinks and was keen to arrange a catch up now I was back in town after a couple of years working away. After a little more light banter we exchanged number and I went off to rejoin my friend. The night went without any hitches and only the odd evil look from the birthday girl, around 10pm we said our good nights to everyone and I gave an extra special smile to the friend who promptly text me 5 minutes after my departure saying how nice it was to see me. A nice touch from him I thought......

The texts repeated throughout the night every couple of minutes. "I like you", "do you like me?", "can we go out?" "Do you really like me? Do you fancy me?" and so on and no amount of convincing worked. This one time I will put it down to the fact that we had both had a drink and maybe I will even go on the date with him after all he is the most eligible man I have met in a while no secret girlfriends that I know of anyway but will be keeping my eye out for issues in the commitment department issues being that he might want too much too fast and for now I'm happy just finding my feet again in the dating world.